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The Top 42 Prospects, Part 2

Whoa. The last column took long enough that I had to break it off after #23. On top of that, yesterday was a totally bonkers day in the NFL, as free agency officially opened and multiple big trades went down within minutes of one another. I’ll write up my thoughts on those trades soon, but […]

Updated Big Board, 3/11

With the new league year starting today, and NFL free agency underway at 4 PM Eastern, we decided… to publish an updated draft board instead. We’ll run some reviews of free-agent transactions once they happen, as well as a mock draft once the first frenzy of free agency dies down. Until then, here’s our revised […]

Vixicator’s “Mocking the Draft: Part I”

(ed. note: Earlier this evening your editor found an unaddressed envelope in his mailbox. Inside was a yellowed piece of paper on which had been typed at the top, “Mock Draft For Publication Jan. 16 2014.” vixticator’s unmistakable signature was at the bottom. Attempts to contact him for editorial clarification were unsuccessful, so we simply […]