Month: February 2014

2009 NFL Mock Re-Draft

In the second entry to the series we started last month, I’ll be redrafting the 2009 NFL Draft, knowing what we know now. This scenario is a bit different than the 2011 draft for two reasons. First, because five years have passed and not three, we can tilt the scales much more heavily towards what […]

Zone Reads Post-Combine Mock Draft

While we continue to put together our big board and player database, we thought we’d give you something to read by doing another mock draft based on how we adjusted our boards after the Combine. Plus, we’ve only gotten to watch more and more tape since then, so we’re starting to form more solid impressions […]

Four takeaways from Saturday’s combine drills

Saturday was the first day of combine on-field workouts. The offensive linemen and tight ends completed their interviews and bench press workouts on Friday; on Saturday, they resumed with 40-yard dashes, agility drills, and position drills. There are always surprises at the combine, players who move up or down based on unusual or unexpected results. […]

Offseason GM: NFC East

Continuing with the series ‘Offseason GM,’ I’ll move on to the NFC East. While they may not have any juggernauts, the division is always very competitive. Any edge in offseason performance could easily tip the balance for who wins the division in 2014. Also it was recently noted that the expected cap limit this year […]

We’ve moved

Update your bookmarks, dear reader: the blog has moved to its own domain, with a new look and many other new features to come. We can now be found at our own top-level domain, We’re still under construction, so bear with us, but we had enough of the blog up and running that I […]

Offseason GM: NFC South

Football is year round for us, and the period after the season ends is actually one of my favorite parts of the football year: the offseason business side. Assessing a team’s cap situation, their pending free agents, and stock of draft picks in an attempt to set out the course of the future is something […]

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