Final Zone Reads Big Board

At last. I will try to add a breakdown by each position, too.

One thing I want to point out is that toward the end, we start dealing with issues of confidence. You may like some of the players in my 6th-round / 7th-round tiers better than I do. That’s okay– in many of these cases I had some information that made me confident they should be drafted, but not enough to put a higher grade on them than that. If you have more information, I’d go with it.

Similarly, I’m sure there are other prospects who deserve a draftable grade, or at least a grade on par with these last couple of tiers, that I simply didn’t get around to. Still, I did the best I could.

The round grades are relative, in the sense that I gave out grades and broke everyone into tiers, and then re-named those tiers based on where they corresponded to the actual NFL drat.

And if you don’t like the grades, just remember, it’s the NFL Draft and nobody knows anything.

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