Founded in 2013, Zone Reads began as a collaboration with Nath (founder, EIC, primary columnist) and “Needle” (a football coach with experience at the FBS level) that brought together the former’s writing and analysis and the latter’s ability to break down film and understand the game.

Eventually we added four more writers to the staff for our draft coverage in 2014 and beyond.

While we have not been able to maintain the volume of writing we had hoped, as our real-world responsibilities have required us to focus our attention elsewhere, we still produce the occasional column and analysis, and we are quite proud of the quality of writing in our archives, as well.

Please take a look around and enjoy.

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  1. Hey guys, really enjoyed your draft break down, very detailed and a good read. Would you guys be interested in contributing your work to another sports blog? We have a football site in our sports network (which gets over 100,000 hits per month and growing) at ditkainabox.com and would love to see your work over there. You would fit right in. Let me know if you are interested at rapideyemedia.org@gmail.com

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