Month: March 2013

Offseason Review: Kansas City Chiefs

(ed. note: This is cross-posted at Ditka in a Box.) With 2012, the chapter was closed on a Kansas City Chiefs lesson the New York Jets, Cleveland Browns, and Denver Broncos already learned: Hiring someone from Bill Belichick’s crew to run your personnel department results in terrible talent evaluation and decision more often than not […]

Who is this Needle77?

I’ll be posting a few writeups I have over the next few days. But before doing so I just wanted to quickly introduce myself. I’m Needle and the one who’s voice can be heard in a few of those early posts where we discussed the playoffs. I am a former Division 2 player and undergraduate […]

Pre-Free Agency Mock Draft, Round 3

In less than 12 24 hours, the free agent period officially kicks off. Come midnight 4 PM EDT teams can “officially” make offers to free agents (after a three-day “you’re allowed to tamper but you’re not allowed to make offers or sign anyone” period, the NFL’s vague way of acknowledging that tampering exists while trying […]

Pre-Free Agency Mock Draft Update

BREAKING NEWS: The Vikings have traded Percy Harvin to the Seattle Seahawks for a first- and seventh-round pick this year and a mid-round selection next year. This would have to happen one day after my mock. Concerns about how this affects my attempt at pseudo-journalism aside, this means I’ll have to scrap large elements of […]

Pre-Free Agency Mock Draft, Round 2

I published round 1 in four parts on Sunday. For those who missed it… well, it’s in the previous four posts in this blog. Go find and read it now. I’m going to try to knock out round 2 here in one post, with mostly short thoughts on the selections. Beginning with the late first […]

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