Category: Re-draft Series

2014 Re-Draft Mock

If you saw the 2013 draft that ran a few days ago, you’ll know how this works. This mock isn’t necessarily tied to that one. It operates on the same rules, though. One thing you’ll find different is that, since we are only into the second year of these players’ careers, I had less hard […]

2013 Re-Draft Mock

In order to gear up for draft season, and in some┬ásmall way make up for the lack of Zone Reads content over the last two months due to various personal and professional obligations, I’ll be publishing some mock drafts and re-drafts in the next few days. I decided to take a swing a 2013 first, […]

2009 NFL Mock Re-Draft

In the second entry to the series we started last month, I’ll be redrafting the 2009 NFL Draft, knowing what we know now. This scenario is a bit different than the 2011 draft for two reasons. First, because five years have passed and not three, we can tilt the scales much more heavily towards what […]

2011 NFL Mock Re-Draft

First, a quick introductory note: As part of our coverage of draft season, I’m going to be writing a series of “re-drafts” by year. I do this for a couple of reasons: One, I’m curious as to how historical evaluations change year-by-year. A redraft of 2005 would have looked quite different in 2007, 2009, and […]