Month: April 2014

Our Big Board Is Updated

…and it gets its own page! I’ll try to send out a notification whenever it’s updated, but that may not be possible. With only two weeks left until the draft (and really, the draft should have started yesterday), there won’t be too many changes left. More likely than anything will be the occasional insertion […]

The Tom Savage Hype Is Nuts

The latest report on Pittsburgh QB prospect Tom Savage, as you may have heard from, say, Russ Lande, is that Tom Savage’s stock is skyrocketing, making him likely to be a day-two pick and, some even believe, a first-rounder. This perception of Savage was confirmed by reports that he was invited to the NFL draft, […]

For your consideration: Adrian Hubbard

Nobody is talking about Adrian Hubbard, the pass rusher from Alabama. (I believe I know why, but let’s put that aside for now.) He’s been labeled a “controversial player” by a certain professional troll masquerading as an NFL draft expert, and I refuse to link his work or mention him by name. (If you’re really […]

For your consideration: Jordan Matthews

My “For Your Consideration” series will focus exclusively on players I like more than the generally accepted consensus, such as that is, among draftnik types in the media. Ideally, I would have started this series earlier, but with a month before the draft, I’ll see how many of these I can write up nevertheless. Today […]