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Welcome to Zone Reads. So named because the zone read is coming back in style, and also, it’s a blog, so… reading.

We’re going to start churning out regular content here this offseason, but I thought we’d start by sharing some of our most recent work with you.

Toward the end of the season I wrote an article titled “Which Teams Need to Do Some Housecleaning in the Offseason”. I followed that up with an analysis of the coaching and front office changes that were made shortly after the season ended. (I’ll be following it up with a final article shortly after the Super Bowl.)

We recorded a few videos previewing the playoff matchups. Obviously, these aren’t very timely anymore, but if you still want an idea of what we do, here they are. The production quality isn’t so good in the early ones, but we’re learning and smoothing out the kinks.

Wild Card Weekend Discussion

Divisional Round Discussion

Conference Championship Discussion

In addition, Needle occasionally watches game film and breaks down a player, unit, or draft prospect. I’m calling this series “Needle in the Tape Stack” because I like puns and he’s not around to object.

Ravens Rush Offense, Part 1

Ravens Rush Offense, Part 2

Joe Flacco

Colin Kaepernick

Draft Series: Barkevious Mingo

As you can see, we publish articles on a number of topics. During the offseason, we’ll be running content on draft prospects, free agent moves, and more.

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