Who is this Needle77?

I’ll be posting a few writeups I have over the next few days. But before doing so I just wanted to quickly introduce myself. I’m Needle and the one who’s voice can be heard in a few of those early posts where we discussed the playoffs. I am a former Division 2 player and undergraduate assistant. I also was a graduate assistant at a conference champion FCS school. Since then I’ve been working in the high school ranks with a top team in the state of NJ who this past season extended the state’s longest active winning streak by winning their 3rd state title not having lost a game since November ’09.

I consider myself a lifelong football learner. I love to breakdown film and look at plays. Football has been something I’ve been directly involved with for the past 21 years of my life. So I hope to bring some of that little bit of knowledge I have to you. I’ll be breaking down game tapes, looking at college players, discussing all things NFL/NCAAF or whatever else football has to offer.

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