Day Two’s Burning Question: What will the Texans do?

I could write a recap or grade round one, but that seems lazy to me. You can see what I thought of round one by reading the live chat we had, and you can see who I thought had a good or poor draft by comparing the picks to the Big Board.

Instead, I wanted to talk about some things we could look forward to tomorrow and what we might want to ask ourselves. However, I just have one big question rolling back and forth in my mind, one that was set off with the final move of the day.

What are the Texans going to do?

As Teddy Bridgewater continued to fall, it looked increasingly likely that the Texans would pick him up with the first pick of the seconds round, and thus, thanks to the inexplicable circumstances of Bridgewater’s slide down boards, end up with the two best players in the entire draft. That was before Minnesota slipped one spot ahead of them after a trade with Seattle and took Bridgewater. Now, I’m not sure if they got outmaneuvered by Minnesota (which, considering they could offer more, seems to be unlikely and would be doubly embarrassing if true) or if they weren’t interested in Bridgewater to begin with. Either one gives me concern about their decision-making, to be honest.

That said: The moment’s passed, and now the Texans sit at 33 without Bridgewater available. What do they do?

Well, if they like Derek Carr, this is a fine spot to take him. If they like a different quarterback, they might be inclined to as well, but I think they could wait another round for anyone they wanted, given the relative lack of need at quarterback for most teams. The Ryan Mallett rumor has been spread today, but I think that’s just a case of reporters needing a story to fill space and coming up with the old “The coach brings his old QB to his new job!” saw.

They could take a top-rated player at a different position. This would be my preference; even setting the potential for a fan riot aside if the team took Carr, I don’t think Carr shows enough to merit taking him over someone who’ll be a quality starting player. The top guys on my board for them right now would be Louis Nix or Morgan Moses. I’m optimistic about Zach Mettenberger’s pro prospects, though. I think the Texans might be able to get him in round three (or in a trade up late into round two, if they suspect a team like Arizona or Cincinnati is looking at him); I don’t think he’ll ever be one of the best QBs in the league, but I think he can be a good enough passer to win with. Bill O’Brien has certainly turned lesser talents (i.e Matt McGloin) into starting quarterbacks. That’d be my plan going forward: Nix or Moses, and then attempt to land Mettenberger. Mettenberger might be ready to play right away, but it’s no big deal if he has to sit for a year, either.

Join us tomorrow for another live chat as we watch day two.

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