Month: May 2014

Seahawks Building on Strength: Justin Britt and Garrett Scott

The Seahawks won a Super Bowl last season by fielding an elite defense and plowing through defenses with a devastating ground attack. The Seahawks drafted with this philosophy in mind, selecting six players with their nine picks who play at or around the line of scrimmage. I want to take a look at their two […]

Our Live Big Board

I’ve created two spreadsheets to help you follow the draft tomorrow. One is our live big board, which ranks prospects in order and which I update, when a player is selected, with the team drafting and draft pick used. You’ll find that below. In another post, you’ll find a list of draft picks sorted by […]

Day 2 Mock Draft

With round one over, I figured I’d go ahead and mock rounds two and three, now that we have more concrete information. Something for all of you to read and ponder. By the way, we’re keeping a live big board of our own rankings, marking off players as they are drafted. Round Two Houston Texans […]

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