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Week 7 SuperContest Pick Review

Well, that could have gone better. ATLANTA (+7 at Baltimore) Result: Baltimore 29, Atlanta 7 What went right: Nothing. What went wrong: Everything. I learned a valuable lesson in not taking a team I think is significantly worse without an enormous line. “If all goes well, they could be in position to make a backdoor […]

Week 7 SuperContest Picks

Let’s jump right in. ATLANTA (+7 at Baltimore) On Pinnacle, the line has moved down to 6.5. If a line crosses the 3 or 7, or even just moves on or off it, I jump on it. I don’t love Atlanta, but they have the offensive firepower to score a garbage TD to close the […]

Week 6 SuperContest Picks Review

Since I have nothing on the game tonight, I figured I’d write this now. I went 3-2 to maintain my 60% winning percentage. Let’s see if I can figure out what I got wrong. If you want to write this all off as arbitrary and variance, feel free to skip the rest. BUFFALO (+3 vs. […]

SuperContest Week 6 picks

I haven’t been able to write on football lately for personal reasons, which has been a disappointment, but occasionally real life intervenes with our non-paying hobbies. Our other writers have been doing early work on the 2015 prospects, so look for some articles on them soon. In the meantime, now that I have time, I’m […]

My favorite over/under bets this year

DISCLAIMER: I may have been a professional gambler, and I may be a non-professional football writer, but those stellar qualifications do not mean you should take my recommendations. Either way, I’m sure you’d like to read about them. Lines are taken from Bovada. Roughly in decreasing order of confidence.

My SuperContest Picks, Week 7

For those of you not familiar with the Las Vegas Hilton SuperContest, it’s a… contest (note to self: buy a thesaurus) where entrants plunk down $5,000 at the beginning of the NFL season to join a pool to pick games against the spread. Each week, participants pick five games against point spreads published on Wednesday. […]

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